Redit scores are a fair measure to help lenders estimate potential risk.

Project consists of a persuasive essay. The purpose of the paper is to persuade the reader to agree with your viewpoint of the topic (I do not have a care which way you choose to go on the topic)
Research and develop this topic(Credit scores are a fair measure to help lenders estimate potential risk)


Content and Development

1. The paper is a minimum of 1,000 words and is appropriate for the audience.
2. Appropriate use of font sizes is incorporated.
3. The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.
4. The essay develops a central theme or idea, directed toward the appropriate audience.
5. Major points are clearly stated; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically.
6. The conclusion is logical and reviews the major points.

Readability and Style

1. Paragraph transitions are logical and maintain the flow throughout the paper.
2. Tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.
3. Sentences are clear and concise.


1. Citations of original works within the body of the presentation follow Short Form Writing Style Guide.
2. Presentation is laid out with effective use of headings, font sizes, and white space.
3. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.
4. Spelling is correct.