Redric Edwin Church, 1826-1900, United States of America, Aurora Borealis-1865

Note where the art work is currently located and cite reasons for its fame. 5-6-7
Why this piece considered an a?importanta? work of art? Art 101 Visual Literacy
Art Inquiry Project

50 points possible

Late papers, 10% point reduction (5 points)
Students should continue with the artist and work of art assigned at the beginning of the semester.

This essay will be about the meaning a the content -subtext a in the artwork. This includes the subject matter, theme, message, symbolism, and cultural context of the work of art. Various art historical methods of inquiry generate different interpretations. Include all relevant interpretations, which may include biographical, psycho-biographical, iconographic, ideological, history of reception, feminist, or deconstructionist.

Format Instructions for #3 Essay
a? Use 12 or 14 point font, line spacing 1.5. 1a? margins, INCLUDING TOP MARGIN. (last name only at top of page)
a? The Rubric for the Interpretation essay must be stapled to the essay when handed in. Download this from course Moodle site or use copy given in class. Check the requirements over carefully to confirm paper requirements!
a? Maximum length of essay 4 pages, minimum 2 pages. Do NOT add a title page. Bibliography should appear immediately after the end of the text. Do not list bibliographic sources on a separate sheet. (Save paper/Save planet)
a? Title of essay is NAME OF ARTIST, TITLE OF WORK, and DATE that the work was made.
Please note that essays without bibliographies, and/or papers without proper and full documentation of research WITHIN the text of the essay will receive a failing point score..

Writing Style Requirements: Essay should read smoothly with 3 or fewer spelling or grammatical errors for full credit in this category. There will be a scaled point deduction for more than 23 errors or difficulty reading sentence and paragraph structure. The Luria Library at SBCC offers writing workshops and tutors that can help with final draft editing and proper documentation of research.

Bibliography a Research a Documenting Research Acceptable Sources
For full credit in this section:
a? Acceptable Sources: Minimum 3 books or journal articles, (only one Encyclopedia of Art source (available at SBCC Library) . Journal articles (these may be accessed online) must be art related rather than tangential such as science journals. List all sources used in bibliography. A maximum of 1 internet site should be used as a resource so make sure it is a scholarly resource, not an anecdotal site without authored research information. As a rule of thumb a good art historical website source is usually linked an academic institution or museum. Wikipedia is ONLY a starting place. Do not rely on information stated there, do not quote from it, do not list it as a source. FOR THE FINAL ESSAY THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
a? Documenting Research: Students must credit sources WITHIN THE BODY OF THE PAPER immediately after the information is given. Any information that you include must be documented by source even if you paraphrase the information. Document in the following way (Authoras last name, page number). No endnotes are necessary. DOCUMENTATION RAISES THE CREDIBILITY OF YOUR ESSAY.
a? Bibliography: MLA format is acceptable bibliographic format. Sources consulted should appear in an alphabetical list by authoras last name immediately after the essay. Publisher and date of publication must be included. Do not include page numbers in bibliography. For a format guide go to Pipeline: #1 homepage. #2 find class and research guides. #3 Under a?Contenta? find Citation Guides. #4 choose MLA Format
a? Research: Start at SBCC library. It has an Encyclopedia of Art series, a FREE interlibrary loan service if you start one and a half weeks ahead of time (This is very efficient way to gather research.) The support staff at the SBCC library are very capable and want to help you. They can advise on book and online resources.
a? Research: If time allows and it is convenient it is recommended students go to UCSBas Music and Arts Library (separate building from Davidson Library, near the University Center/UCen). The first floor is entirely dedicated to art history books, and there is a large art exhibition catalogue collection (AEC) that is ALWAYS available because the catalogues cannot be checked out, but can be photocopied.
a? Talk to Professor Kunz if you received a note on your previous essays regarding a recommended source.

a? If relevant and credible, include multiple interpretations of the work, and/or
interpretive information that focuses on different aspects of the work. Not all art work will have a full variety of interpretations. Review notes/ chapt. 4
Identify and describe the subject matter, characters, action
Identify and interpret Iconography a conventional or personal
a? Artistas interpretation: include any explanation that the artist offered for the
a? Patronage: If relevant to the particular piece, discuss who the patron was and how much influence they had on the outcome of the work
a? Note if possible what methodology is being used to formulate the interpretation being documented a You may find other methodologies. In class the following methodologies were introduced: social/ ideological, iconographic, feminist, and biographical/psycho-biographical. Reception theory and post a colonial interpretations might apply to some works.
a? Students should not create their own interpretations for the body of the research paper!
a? As a conclusion students may present their preference for interpretation and add their own interpretation based upon facts gathered during research.
Personal interpretation should be added after only 1.5 pages of informational text.