Redricksonas various models operating

you will write an introduction, conclusion and six investigative body paragraphs (per our checklist for a good paragraph). Youal l be using our reading, Fredrickson, Models of American Ethnic Relations (449)
Focus: Investigate the ways how Fredricksonas various models can be seen operating in one of our following readings: Studs Terkel, Stephen Cruz (366), or Sherman Alexie, Assimilation (483).
Do include an explicit thesis statement. Establish a strong focus that invites discussion.
Create a strong introduction that leads up to this thesis statement. Donat offer generalizations or personal reflection. Review the handout, Introductions to Avoid.
Create well developed investigative paragraphs, including strong topic sentences; and relevant a repeat, relevant--details that support your topic sentences.
Use text to support your investigation, per our paragraph studies. Review the handout, Checklist for a Good Paragraph.
Use MLA document citation to create in-text citations and a works cited. See section 6 in A Writeras Resources. Also, you may want to look into and to help format your citations.
Remember: Donat summarize the readings or offer generalizations about the topic! Donat editorialize about the readings! Donat create a report about the life and death of the authors! This is an investigation into the definition of an idea reflected in a text.
Dona& t try to include everything! The purpose is to create a focused, cohesive investigation of a text.
*note: the textbook you should use it as a sources is Rereading AmericaCultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing.