Ree and Fair Elections Canadian Politics (First Assignment)

First Written Assignment: Description
The first assignment requires you to do a critical review of a reading that will give you a foundation for your research essay, the Democratic Assessment. Choose one of the following four readings; each reading is linked with one of the four topics for the Democratic Assessment. Select the reading according to the topic of the Democratic Assessment that you intend to complete.
1.0 Free and Fair Elections:
Michael Pal and Sujit Choudhry, a?Is Every Ballot Equal? Visible Minority Vote Dilution in Canadaa? IRPP Choices (January 2007). Available at:

2.0 Political Parties:
William Cross and Lisa Young, a?Are Canadian Political Parties Empty Vessels?a? IRPP Choices (June 2006). Available at:

3.0 Government Effectiveness and Accountability:
Paul G. Thomas, a?Governing from the Centre: Reconceptualizing the Role of the PM and Cabineta? Policy Options (December 2003). Available at:

4.0 Levels of Government:
Ben Eisen and Mark Milke, a?The Real Have-nots in Confederation: British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontarioa? Policy Options (May 2010)
Instructions for Completing the First Assignment
The main purpose here is to present your point of view, using the questions in the appropriate section of the democratic assessment questionnaire as a foundation for your criticism. What aspects of the article (if any) do you like or agree with? More importantly, why do you like or agree with these parts? What parts of the article (if any) do you dislike or disagree with? Why? When you present your own point of view, be sure to provide evidence from the article.
You may consider whether: the author provides evidence that supports the authors thesis the author has considered alternative arguments or explanations
Format: Maximum 2 pages, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. You do not need to refer to other sources in your review, but if you do, proper citations are necessary. If you are only referring to the specific article, only pages numbers are required.
For your written assignments in this course, use the Chicago Manual of Style authordate system for citations. Concordia students can access an electronic version of the Chicago Manual at: citations.html