Ree health care should/should not be guaranteed to all citizens

Your papers should clearly express i) the topic being addressed, ii) your position on the topic, and iii) three primary premises that support your position. This will serve as the a?skeletal forma? of your argument. You will then need to iv) write a paragraph on your topic that clearly explains how your premises support your position. The numbered premises of your skeletal argument will be your topic sentences for each supporting paragraph. Be sure to make each premise concise and economical. These arguments should be entirely your thoughts. Do not incorporate any outside sources in any of your premises. You should use the following format:

Issue: Whether Lebron James is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.
Position: Lebron James is not a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.

Premise 1: Michael Jordan won 6 NBA titles while Lebron James has yet to win one.
Premise 2: Lebron James has a tendency to quite in the 4th quarter where Michael Jordan carried his team.
Premise 3: There are clear character issues with Lebron James that effect his play on the court that Michael Jordan never had.
The paper needs to be type in Times New Roman, 12 double spaced.