Ree markets and the liberties promoted and protected by Americaas republican form of government

Week 10

Reading Assignment:
American Vision and Values: (required)
Chapter 9 a Democratic Capitalism and Individual Liberty 201

Required Reading from Bellevue University Libraryas Electronic Reserve (ERes) System:
Myrdal: a?Planning in the Welfare Statea? (from Beyond the Welfare State)a?
Note: What Myrdal means by a?planninga? is government control of the
economya in other words, socialism.
To access This Article:
1. In your cyberactive course, click on the Student Services Tab in the upper right corner
2. Click on Bellevue University Library Databases in the upper right
3. On the left side of the page that opens, in the violet-color box, under Library, click on Eres-Electronic Reserves
4. Click on Electronic Reserves & Reserve Pages
5. From the Course Pages by Instructor drop-down menu, select Mason and click Search
6. Click LA400/410/420 (in blue on the left)
7. type in password: cluster
8. click on a?Planning in the Welfare Statea?
9. Under Attached Files, click on Download as zip file
10. Open the downloaded file
or follow steps 1-8 above and then follow this step 9. click on the docufax pdf and the file will open

Kirkpatrick Signature Series Reader:
Required Readings:
Tocqueville: from Democracy in America 583
Smith: from An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations 585
Marx and Engels: from The Communist Manifesto, Proletarians and Communists 594
Buffett: a?The Economic Foundation of Freedoma? 599
Williams: a?The Entrepreneur as American Heroa? 602
Ebeling: a?Free Markets, the Rule of Law and Classical Liberalisma? 605
Read: a?I Pencila? 614

Recommended Readings:
Marx and Engels: from The Communist Manifesto, Bourgeois and Proletarians 588
Davies: Our Economic Past 612
Semmens: a?Wal-Mart Is Good for the Economya? 617

Recommended Videos:
Friedman: Socialism vs. Capitalism: /
The Reader is an anthology, so that is the type of bibliographic reference that should be used. Here is an example:
Emerson, R. (2008). Self-reliance. In E. Rauchut & K. Mason (Eds.),
Kirkpatrick signature series reader (pp. 374-383). Bellevue, NE:
Bellevue University Press. (Original work published 1841)
Note1: The first line of the reference begins at the left margin. All subsequent lines should be indented one tab.
Note 2: Do not include bibliographic references for any reading not cited in your essay. If you leave out one or more readings, your references list should honestly reflect that.