Ree Resopnse to a lasik eye surgrey in sports cheating like

we read a two page essay in english about lasik eye surgry in sports mainly baseball and golf. how tiger woods had lasik eye surgrey to see 20/10(which is for every 10 feet a normal person can see he can see 20ft)he could already see 20/20 whitch is perfect vision so was that cheating? and it comparied this to steriods use in sports since lasik is preformance to the body. i wanna take intoacount then is it okay for people in every day life that say is like a piolt that flies our comrecial air lines okay for them to get lasik eye surgry so they can see the runway better? and if so what makes that okay for them to get better than perfect 20/20 vision. then it talks about a football player a defensive back and how he got lasik to see 20/12 so he could read the quarterbacks eyes while he is in the pocket. is this cheating? nother example was gregg maddux a boston red sox pitcher was 0-3 before his surgrey he could see 20/20 before and after wards he won 9 of his next 10. contact me asap! if you dont get it! my sourses were suppose to be interviews of classmates