Ree speech vs the right to be protected against harmful hate speech in schools, businesses, etc

This is for my 2nd year English class.
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These days, we hear a lot about potential conflicts within our society between traditional civil liberties specifically free speech/ expression and the most to protect individuals, group, and social institutions from harm. Many critics, such as Susan Brownmiller and Charles Lawrence, believe that an absolute view of freedom of expreesion can permit hurtful racist and antiwoman messages to victimize people, whether on a college campus or at a newstand that displays pornographic material. people who consider civil liberties to be paramount, on the other hand, such as Susan Jacoby, fear that restrictions on ones freedom of speech threaten our democracys most cherished values.
In this assignment, youll explore one such conflict of your choosing, and your work will culminate in a five page essay that argues in a focused and organized way for your particular point of view(expressed in your thesis statement.