Ree to explore topics and thesis of your choice, but paper has to have very strong thesis.

Free to explore topics and thesis of your choice, but it has to have very strong thesis.
You should analyze, three films Whispering Corridors (YoI go kwedam I; 1998) Memento Mori (YoI go kwedam II) and Wishing Stairs (YoI go kwedam III; 2003);
Though you may conduct a purely formal or content-based analysis (or both), your paper should in some way address the relationship of film to its socio-political and/or cultural context. The paper should be an analytical research paper, centered on an arguable thesis. You may argue for a specific position on an issue; or you may review and critique issues to contextualize your own findings. In either case, the paper should apply secondary readings in its analysis of two or more of the films viewed over the term. Sources should be cited in the text and in the bibliography/works cited using either Chicago or MLA citation styles. You are expected to use a minimum of 7 sources, at least 3 of which should be from outside the assigned readings. You may use scholarly, peer-reviewed online journals, but web pages and encyclopedias are not permitted. Magazine and newspaper articles must be approved in advance. Your grade will reflect the overall writing process as well as the final product.