Ree trade agreements negative effects on U.S economic

These are the minimum requirements for the analytical report. br /
a? Title pagebr /
a? Letter of Transmittalbr /
a? Table of Contentsbr /
a? List of Illustrationsbr /
a? Executive Summarybr /
a? 10 pages of text ( You may not have completed your interview yet)br /
a? 10 sourcesbr /
Of these 10 sources, you cannot use just one type. For example, you cannot use only newspaper /
br /
You must use a variety of secondary sources. You need the following:br /
a. Secondary Source: One kind is a scholarly journalbr /
b. Secondary Source: Two other kinds of secondary /
br /
You must obtain your secondary sources from a variety of places. For example, you cannot just use Wikipedia. In fact, if you use Wikipedia, it will only count as one source. You need the following:br /
a. Secondary Source: One source from the Internet. You may have more than one /
b. Secondary Source: One source from an ASU research database such as ABI/Inform. The scholarly journal may be from the database. One source may satisfy two requirements and earn two points. You may have more than one source from an ASU /
br /
You must conduct a personal /
Primary Source: One source from an interview You do not need to complete the interview by the date of the first draft. Just inform me of the date of the interview. You will earn the /
a? References br /
a? One or more graphicsbr /
a? Conclusions br /
a? Recommendations br /
br /
br /
br /
Document preparationbr /
Documents have different styles. Just follow this easy /
br /
a? Double space ( Do not double space the letter of transmittal)br /
When you double space, you should indent 5 spaces. (See A-19). br /
br /
a? Use standard margins of 1 inch on all /
br /
a? Use 12-point Times New Roman for the text. br /
You may use a different font for headings. You may use /
br /
a? Use Arabic Numbers starting on Page 1 /
br /
Numbering can be a problem. Students have spent hours trying to write lowercase Roman numerals on the List of Illustrations and the Executive Summary. You may just note the page numbers on the Table of Contents and start numbering Page 1 on the Introduction. For the first draft, I wonat deduct points. br /
br /
a? Write the title of the analytical report on the Introduction. This is not a level one /
Here is the checklist br /
Title Page 1 pointbr /
Letter of Transmittal 1 br /
Table of Contents 1 br /
List of Illustrations 1 br /
Executive Summary 1 br /
Introduction 1 br /
Issue 1 1 br /
Issue 2 1br /
Issue 3 1br /
Conclusion 1br /
Recommendations 1 br /
References 1 br /
Interview 1 br /
One source from the Internet 1 br /
One source from the ASU research database 1 br /
One source from a scholarly journal 1 br /
One source from a different secondary source 1 br /
One source from another different secondary source 1 br /
Graphic ( Figure or Table) 1 br /
Headings ( 2 levels) 1 br /
9 Completed full pages of text one point for each full page. Page 10 will count with a minimum of 4 /
In case you have the interview scheduled after the first draft, I will give you credit for 4 lines on p. /
Your interview may be longer than four lines.. 10 pointsbr /
In text citation for interview 1 br /
9 in-text citations that match entries in References br /
A? point for each in-text matches entry in References A? point in References 9br /
TOTAL 40 points