Reece Economy: the soundness and the sustainability of the financial market

Economy of Greece: The soundness & the sustainability of the financial market
Examples of topics cover in this part
1. talk about the financial market of Greece, the state their size in term of ($), number the transaction if possible, and the general characteristics such as, and they liquid or not, do they have global presence. about the soundness and the suitability of the financial market during the crisis; examples was it easy to raise money during financial crisis, and what kind of problem these financial market face during the financial crisis.

all the above are examples of what you can write in this section, but you do not have to limit yourself with 100%.. it have to be creative and simple and the reader can have a clean image about the financial market of Greece and the soundness of it financial market and the problems of financial market during crisis.

References should be from websites, and one graph or diagram is need