Reece National Technological Infastructure Step 2

This is part 2 of my assignment of Greece. If you think more pages needs to be added please let me know. I will attach further instructions. Thank you for your help on this. Also for part D, my company I chose is JoeDiverAmerica and is a retail store so I must do that part.

III. National Technological Infrastructure  Step Two

A. Energy & Power Systems
1) Coverage
2) Power quality
3) Reliability
4) Cost

B. Telecommunications
1) Types & relative volumes (land lines, cellular)
2) Cellular towers and coverage
3) Broadband penetration
4) Installation times & costs
5) Costs (flat and/or usage)

C. Internet
1) Number of Internet Providers
2) Type & coverage
3) Ownership/control
4) Cost

D. Television and Radio (Only if your client is a retail or hospitality business)
1) Number and type of coverage;
2) Type of ownership;
3) Cost of advertising