Reed/Materialism in the 1980s and the Cold War 2

Hey, Mike its me again, Alex. So now is the next 4 pages of the paper. In total it will now be 8 pages. The next order will be the 12 pages in total and then we will be done. I want to tell you that your writing was good, and Im sure you dont really care but I thank you for doing a good job. Ive gotten real crap from this website before. If you could continue with the quality I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Im not sure how you were planning on organizing the paper, what you would put in this next 4 pages, etc., but I trust it will make sense. I will upload the guide and the 4 pages you have already written.

This paper could be due April 4th, but the due date will most likely be extended until maybe a half week later. I selected 14 days because there is no number in between. Ill update you on that.

Okay, is there anything else you need?

BY THE WAY, my professor wants me to expand on the points you made on the Soviet Union. He found them interesting. Also, he thinks the paper needs more American Psycho. Also, make sure to mention in the paper, even have an entire paragraph on, that Patrick Bateman is a pyscho-murderer who literally Gets away with murderbecause all the narcisitic people around him are so into themselves as he is that no one notices it. Its a good point to make.

Alright Mike, thanks again. Youve been a real help. Have a nice night.