Reed/Materialism in the 1980s and the Cold War

Mike, so here it is. This is going to be the first installment (lets say) of the big research paper I told you about. Its the same topic you worked on earlier with my guide; that was the guide for what you will be doing now. My proff isnt asking for a 4 page paper, but more like 4 pages of the 12 page paper. So, if you catch my drift, no conclusion or anything, just the 4 begining pages of the 12. You might not hit all the points yet, etc. You came up with a thesis in the guide; use that as the thesis for this paper. Make it strong. My proff is VERY strict about great organization and MLA format (consider when citing sources and so on). I found another great frame you should use. Its called THE 80s.I put it on a word document and will upload it for you. Also, now that we are on the subject; the full 12 page paper requires 8 frames total. We had 5 with the guide I think and THE 80sis 6. You need to only find two more. Im also going to upload the guide.

This is due Monday at 3:30 EST.

Any questions? Thanks, Mike!