Reedom of press versus rights of privacy

This is a data governance essay for information system management. My chosen topic is the freedom of press vs the rights of privacy and should more focus towards data privacy, openness and transparency within the media sector. I had a brief discussion with the teacher. His suggestion is to focus on arguing the boundary of public interests and medias action of getting information. It might be helpful to look at the UK Leveson enquiry especially regarding use of private detectives, hacking voice mail etc.It would also helpful to consider how the appearance of digital platforms changes the boundary. And consider some recent related examples to explain your points. These are the suggestions from the teacher for my topic and the general requirement for the essay is listed below.

A 5000 word (maximum) research essay on a relevant topic. Referred to as a?the essaya below. We expect essays to be broadly based on one of three approaches.

1. An empirically based study, or (more likely) one that draws upon relevant empirical sources. For example an analysis of privacy implications for a particular sector / industry, or the transactional operations of the Freedom of Information Act in the UK see .

2. A policy focused study that addresses the development of policy. For example, a review of the development of a particular aspect of privacy or open data policy.

3. A theory focused study that addresses conceptual development, research studies or analysis frameworks. For example a study of research into individual privacy attitudes and intentions.

As you think about your choice of article and essay topic you need to work to understand what issue or question you will be introducing or addressing (your research question) and what kind of answers or insights you might offer that will be of interest to a reader (your contribution). Remember that any particular topic will almost certainly allow alternative questions and issues to be addressed. You must also ask yourself what perspective you will be taking (what theory or framework of analysis you will be using), as well as what data or evidence you will use.

For the Essay you must, however fully reference the work and pay particular attention to the way you cite and use other peoples ideas. You should follow the Information Systems and Innovation Groups guidelines for referencing and formatting, which should be read in conjunction with the Schools information on this matter. You should be very careful when paraphrasing or summarising the work of other authors a use a?quotesa? and never copy-paste text. In case of any ambiguity, please contact the course teachers for clarification.

The essay must have an abstract of around 150 words, be properly referenced and include a full bibliography. The abstract counts for the word count a the bibliography does not. The essay must be word processed and securely bound and any graphics, images etc. should be prepared using suitable drawing packages. Part of the assessment will be based on the presentation of the report.