Reek artarchaic to Hellenistic periodart history

1) You have been asked to curate an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts that
the development of the male and female form in Greek art from the late Archaic period
through the Hellenistic period. Choosing at least 6 objects from the material studied
this semester, discuss your plans for the exhibition and your reasons for your choices.
Consider the way in which you will present the objects in your exhibition to the public
and how they will be arranged. Also take into account the viewer?s experience of your
objects and their presentation.

2) During the Archaic Period, Greek artists were influenced and inspired by the
art of
many foreign cultures. In turn, the art and architecture of Greece proved to be
profoundly influential on other cultures in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.
Citing specific objects as evidence of this phenomenon, discuss this pattern of cultural

There should be no use of internet sources.
Organization and selection is of utmost importance.

For question 1:
for the 6 pieces of work, use (1) New York Kourosfor late archaic
(2) Herakles at Aegina for sever style
(3) Nikandre Kore for female late archaic
(4) Euthydikos Kore for severe style woman
the rest of the two choose from Hellenistic sculpture ( look at book SmithHellenistic
sculpture )
, Hephaistion, Porpylaia, erechtheion, acropolis, 5thc sculptors like Myron and
Polykleitos, Temple of Apollo Epikourios, Praxiteles, Scopas.
The best would be to choose two from Hellenistic period.
Please select the other two figures and get back to me please.

For question 2
choose only from the following
Temple of EpikourosBassai
Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidouras
Praxiteles, Scopas + 4th c sculptors
Alexander the Great and his reign
Archeological site at Pella
Royal cemetry at Vergina
Tombs at Lefkadia
Mausoleum of Halikarnossos
Pergamon+ Great altar of Zeus
Hellenistic sculpture groupsLaocoon, Sperlonga, Attalid monument and Nike of Samothrace

again please choose the pieces you will be using and get back to me. If I have additional
notes I will send them to you once you choose.

These two questions are to be completed in two hours originally so length is not as
important as the quality. Please be concise and to the point.

Let me know if you have any other further questions.