Reek Culture pertaining to the the foods they eat

This paper needs to be 8 pages long, typed in 12 font (which should be approximately 250 words per page).
It needs to include past and present eating customs of the country Greece (focusing mostly on the present)
This is for a nutrition class, so the paper needs to go in this direction. Needs to include a cultural knowledge of foods, traditional foods, food preparation unique to Greek culture, food agriculture, food availability, food and socialization, (who eats the meals that are prepared) What foods do they consider healthy and not special occassion foods?? Also last part of paper might take some of the more popular foods eaten and offer suggestions of ways to substitue recipe with healthier choices. An example might be if Greeeks cook a lot of their foods in fats and oils would be to choose heart healthy fats more often, limit fats from animals such as butter avoid trans fats. Look at their desserts to see what could be substitued to make them healthier. Look at how much bread they consume and what kind to see if their is anything they might do in this area. These are just examples and some might not apply to Greek eating at all.