Reek mythology research question assignment

What do you want to find out? Your research question is the question that drives your research. (Makes sense, right?) Start with a problem, issue, controversy or gap in knowledge that myth addresses. Choose a topic that you care about. There is no point in devoting the next ten weeks or so to a topic you dont have any interest in. Find some intersection between your own interests, career goals, passions or life and the course content. This question can and probably will change, or at least evolve as you do your research, and thats fine. But every journey has a starting point, and it is time to define that point now.

Got an idea? Great! You can skip the next paragraph and move on.
Cant think of an idea? Think harder. Genius is the ability to find a connection between a cinder block and a porcupine. And while I dont demand genius from my students, I do expect you to be able to make connections between topics of universal human concern (i.e. the humanities) and your own experience as a human being on planet Earth. Here are some examples to help you get started:

How does myth help us understand the role of death in human culture?
Do powerful female characters in mythology reflect a powerful or valued role for women in the cultures that tell those myths?
How do the myths of a particular culture define ideas of good and evil in that culture?
What are the modern myths of Western, secularized society

Once you have a direction in which to start, review the learning outcomes for the course. Youll find them in the syllabus. The learning objectives define the skills you should have by the time you complete this class. Thats really what your final grade reflects, your level of mastery of these outcomes. So you need to pick a final essay project that not only allows you to explore a topic of interest to you, but also allows you to demonstrate your achievement of the class learning objectives.

Your assignment is to write 200-300 words in which you 1. define your research question, 2. explain briefly why you have chosen that question to explore, and 3. relate your research project to at least one (preferably more) of the learning outcomes for the course. So your work for this assignment should consist of short essay of at least three paragraphs, one for each of the points. Youll find the link for submitting that essay above.