Reek or Roman Mythology and Artistic Representation

The traditional academic essay consists of five paragraphs, which is the minimum requirement for both of these essays for your Mid-Term Exam.
Title: A snappy title is appropriate.
Introduction: An introduction should include an introductory device or an attention grabber. You can begin with a quotation or a startling statement. You may also begin be telling a story or a brief anecdote. The second required element of an introductory paragraph is a thesis statement. Your thesis should summarize what you will discuss in the body of your essay.
Body Paragraphs (minimum of 3): Each body paragraph should include the following elements: a transition, a topic sentence, supporting evidence and a concluding statement. The transition appears at the start of your body paragraph. It can be a transitional word (first, second, third, furthermore, also) or a transitional phrase (in addition to, another important example, an additional reason for, etc.). The topic sentence is essentially a thesis statement for your body paragraph. It will tell the reader what main point you will discuss in that paragraph. Next you need supporting evidence. You should have a minimum of three pieces of supporting evidence per paragraph. These can be quotations, paraphrases, examples, arguments, etc. Lastly, you need to end your paragraph with a concluding statement. Concluding statements essentially restate the topic sentence of the paragraph.
Conclusion: Your conclusion should have two elements: a restatement of your thesis and a concluding device or clincher. When you write your restatement of your thesis, you donat have to repeat it word for word, but you must echo it. Then, you need to write a concluding device. Your concluding device should be interesting, engaging and original. It should let the reader know that the essay is finished!
Works Cited/References Page: List the sources you used in your essay. You must include these sources for the information you acquired and used in your essay or else you will be charged with plagiarism! You may use MLA or APA citation procedures. Hereas a link to help you with citations: or Romans depicted their mythology and what those depictions reveal about their culture. So, your essay will look something like this:

a) Title: Make sure you have a snappy title.
b) Introduction: You will have to summarize the myth in the introduction. You
will also need a thesis that focuses the essay on the three objects you have
c) Body Paragraphs: You will have three body paragraphs. Iave listed a number
of ideas you could include in your body paragraphs. You may choose any of these, or you may come up with your own if you wish. Also, you may add images of the object in your body paragraphs:
Visual Appearance: Describe the appearance of the object(s).
What specific scene or scenes from the myth does the object depict? Why did the artist choose that scene?
Function: Provide information about how the object was meant to
be used, where it would have been displayed, etc. Why did the
artist choose to depict this particular myth on this particular object?
Meaning (Intentio Auctoris): What ideas, lessons or values was the creator of the object trying to convey by depicting the myth?
Meaning (Intentio Lectoris): What does the depiction of the myth express to you?
Values: What fundamental values of the culture in which it was
created does the object express?
Criticism: Do you have any social, political, moral or artistic
issues with object? Why?
Relevance: Does the depiction of the myth convey any compelling
ideas about modern American culture?
d) Conclusion: A brief conclusion is appropriate. Make sure you restate your
thesis and end with a bang!
a. Works Cited/References Page: You must include the sources for the
information you acquired in your research.