Reen living and how to protect the environment

Each individual will present his or her topic to a group of four other people. The presentation should be about 15 minutes. Presentations will be graded by your group members according to the rubric provided.
Presentation Materials:
Your presentation should include relevant visual aids and graphs. PowerPoint may be used, but keep in mind that you will not have use of the projector. You may present a PowerPoint on your own computer or arrange to share with a friend. Other visual aids may include a poster or handouts for your group members. Feel free to be creative, but please make sure that this part of your project is informative, visually appealing, and contributes to your presentation. Your visual aid will be turned in to me (a hardcopy of your PowerPoint slides, handout, or poster) and will be part of your final grade.
Write a 3 4 page paper to accompany your presentation. It should be written in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced with 1a? margins. Your paper should include:
a? a concise introduction to the topic which outlines the issue and explains why it is important (1 paragraph)
a? the body of the paper should be a discussion of what you learned in your research this should include information, statistics, and examples from your sources (make sure to cite these in the text NO PLAGIARISM), as well as your own critical analysis of the issue (2-3 pages)
a? a conclusion that reiterates the issue and summarizes what was found in the research (1-2 paragraphs)
a? references page listing the sources that were cited in the text
Use a large variety of resources including your book, the internet, scientific journals, and people if applicable. The Auraria Library website () is a great source for scientific journal articles. Do not simply use all internet sources. Some internet sources might offer questionably sound or trustworthy information, use your best judgment (ex: donat use .com websites, donat cite Wikipedia)!
a? MINIMUM OF FOUR SOURCES REQUIRED a? at least two scientific journal articles