Reen Logistics Development and Management in the Philippines

Paper Subject: Business Administration Logistics and Transportation

Please dont use more than 10-15 sources, and ALL SOURCES MUST BE ACCESSIBLE by anyone online.


(Do not use these as headlines; they are merely small notes for the writer to have an idea of what he could mention)

- History of Logistics (and Green Logistics) in the Philippines
o Most traded goods (export/import) and their development (or change of goods traded)
o Development of (several/important) logistics firms
Current Green logistics projects
o Application of Green Logistics and Corporate Initiatives
- Evolution and awareness of green logistics
- Top 10 Logistics firms in the Philippines and their green logistics
- Busiest Ports (air and sea)
- Challenges: Air, Sea and Land
o There are over 7000 islands so it really is challenging (maybe mention something
about ROROs)



The introduction should be around 1-2 pages
long, depending on the overall length of the
paper. Its purpose is to give your reader a
general overview of the topic. In addition to
the statement of the problem (answering the
question a?Why are you writing about this
topic?a?), you should also provide a short and
precise formulation of the objectives of the
work, including informing the reader how the
work is structured and how you wish to approach
the topic. In order to generate motivation,
it is useful to include an element that
holds real-world relevance. Explanations
should confine themselves to the pertinent
terms found in the title and subtitle. However,
it is a different matter when you choose to use
the introduction from the outset on to guide
the reader into the topic thereby including the
most important concepts in order to elucidate
the state of the problem. In such cases you
will naturally have to increase the length to fit
the content a however, only to a maximum of
five pages. Closing the introduction with a
question which will eventually be answered
or with the formulation of the thesis which
will either be confirmed or rejected makes for
an interesting segue into the text which will
eventually follow.

Main Body

The main body should consist of sophisticated
insights into the topic a both from the
author and from different sources a and not
mere textbook knowledge. Further terms that
arise should be integrated into the normal
flow of the writing. Since the information you
are providing is oriented toward readers who
possess business-administrative knowledge,
you will not need to define common terms
from scholarly literature. Examples which are
based on practical experience should be
woven into the presentation of a theory as a
further confirmation of it. The methodology
and your own scholarly contribution, however,
need to be clearly highlighted. The main body
should conclude with a critical discussion
with the results gained from the work.

Completeness: The state of the problem
needs to be broadly and comprehensibly presented.
It should not base itself only on catch
phrases like a?globalisationa? or a?information
eraa? (for instance).

Originality: Scholarly work entails making
discoveries and setting foot on new ground. It
does not suffice to simply compile scholarly
sources or knowledge from theory and everyday
life. Innovative and independent
achievement may find expression in empirical
enquiry (forming questions, evaluating), in
new applications of familiar models, in a
critical synopsis of literature, in unorthodox
solutions or in surprising conclusions.

Accuracy: Mistakes in content appear, for instance,
in imprecise terminology, biased descriptions
of reality and false interpretations.
There should not be anything present which
cannot be justified and/or supported.


long, should express the essence of the work.
At this point, there should be no new aspects
which are discussed which have not been introduced
in the main body of the text. Instead,
your paper should be rounded off by a critical
appraisal of your results (the achievement of
objectives) in terms of their significance for
theory and practice as well as an overview of
related, unanswered questions which resulted
from the exposition. This is also the place to
bring in ideas for future investigations.

P.S. If the writer finishes the paper on an earlier date, please inform me. I will gladly pay more to add up to 10-20 pages. Thank you!