Reen Marketing and Coporate Social Responsibility ( Emerging Issues in Marketing management and research

Ethical issues in consumer behaviour and interest in environmental encourage more researches focus on green marketing and green consumerism (Shaw and Clarke, 1999; De Pelsmacker et al., 2005; Moisander, 2007). With the environment concern, consumers start to take part and proactive in solving these problems by participating in recycling activities (Thogersen, 1994; Biswas et al., 2000; McCarty and Shrum, 2000) and choosing environment friendly products (Thogersen & Olander, 2003; Thogersen, 2004). This phenomenon has been identified as business opportunities to develop long term strategies and change the rules of the marketing game in a significant way. Proactive environmental strategies become the fundamental in green marketing (Pujari and Wright, 1995). Launching environmental friendly products has been adopted into their marketing strategy because the marketer realizes the willingness of consumers to pay higher price for the products (Bhate & Lawler, 1997). Even consumers begin to be empathy and concern about environment; many environmental friendly products still have not achieved the desired market share. This can be explained by the consumer rate the availability of the products higher than the price when measuring the intention to purchase among green consumers (Bhate & Lawler, 1997). In addition, consumers refuse to change their purchase behavior even they express concern about environment (Mintel, 1995).

Answer the following questions. Your answer should be supported with academic journals and marketing theories. Exploratory research findings enhance presentation of your answer.

a) While consumers express their environmental concerns in individual ways, all green consumers appear to be motivated by universal needs. These needs translated into new purchasing strategies with profound implications for the way products are developed and marketed.
i) Identify green consumer psychology and buying strategies. (8 Marks)
ii) Discuss the five challenges of green marketing (5 Marks)

b) Social responsibility has become a focus for organization as the new marketing strategy. Choose a suitable organization to write a case study on a?social responsibilitya? is applied in their branding, public relation and marketing strategies. (27 Marks)