Reen supply chain management fashion Company


This paper is about a scarves / textile company called Mantero and what could be the options for them within their supply chain management if they want to produce more eco friendly scarves

This paper should cover the following topics:

What is a supply chain and its environmental impact
What is a green supply chain
Short analysis of an actual company that have a green supply chain (do Burberry)
What could a company like Mantero Scarves could do to go green in their supply chain ? (RxD, Recycling, low carbon transportation, water saving production, sourcing green raw material, eco friendly package)

For the introduction conclusion no need to write anything, I will do it myself. Please just cover the 4 points above.

Many thanks

Added on 12.02.2015 13:47
Please see attach 9 documents that the teacher send to help with the assignment. Feel free to use them.