Reen supply chain (See below in instruction box)

Essay Question

Discuss critically with appropriate SM2038 academic underpinnings, the salient issues addressing the folllowing scenario:

unlike conventional supply chain, green supply chain are designed to ensure that value creation, rather than risk and waste, accumulate at each step, from design to disposal and recovery. Disscuss critically THREE corporate responses to environment degradation, rising energy and materials prices,and the growing chall
enges of international global supply chains.

Assignment Break-down

Case study focuses on Green supply chains; in particular
a? Prevention of environmental degradation
a? Rising energy / materials costs
a? Internationalisation of supply chains
You are asked to critically discuss a?3 corporate responsesa? to these issues. a? Corporate responsesa? means the way an organisation has reacted to the issue.

First: Review Learning outcomes
1. Identify and discuss the nature of supply chains and networks
Necessary background a should be evident throughout the essay
2. Define and discuss issues related to quality and delivery of purchases
Provide necessary definitions but do not provide a list and leave it to the tutor to decide which one has been used in your essay
3. Understand how supply chains contribute to competitive advantage
Core to this module. This should be apparent through your work.
4. Analyse and comprehend supply chain theory
Make sure you identify the issues taught on this module.
5. Synthesise key issues in supply chain management.
You will not find all the answers in the case study. The case study is just the starting point. It will require looking beyond the case study, but basing your response on what is realistic for the organisation / issues discussed in it.
8 Compare and contrast the various definitions of quality in the SCM context
The lecture for week 6.

Second: Identify how a question can be framed that ensures they are incorporated.
- Your aim is to give yourself a perspective that allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the requisite learning outcomes.
- It is essential that theory is applied to practice.
Case study 1 provides practice a apply theory thoughtfully.
Case study 2 provides theoretical positions and expects you to provide the practice.
Consider developing a title that covers all of the above. E.g.:
Identify and discuss the change of activity and costs structure within the supply chain ifLB looked to a third party logistics provider to supply their transport needs. To what extent would this facilitate LB in gaining ISO 14000 recognition?