Reen Technology and Sustainable Development

Green Technology and Sustainable Development

Write a paper ON ONE of the following green technologies:

** Wind power
** Solar power
** Electric cars
** Green building

In writing your paper, try to answer the following questions:

a? Describe the industry.
a? How big is the industry by employment? By number of firms?
a? How can this industry help the environment?
a? What products does the industry make?
a? What kinds of jobs do people do? What are the wages and salaries?
a? What are technology challenges facing the industry?
a? What has been government policy toward this sector?

* Note on references. Legitimate reference resources include scholarly journals/articles, books, data cited from databases (i.e., U.S. Census), and government reports (i.e., United States General Accountability Office). You may include personal or telephone interviews with relevant stakeholders. Citations from Internet sources that are merely web pages constructed by individuals airing their personal views are unacceptable sources. However, legitimate websites accessing refereed academic journals/reports (i.e., articles published in The Urban Institute, Journal of Urban Affairs, etc.) are legitimate resources. One way to determine if a website is acceptable or not is to ask yourself, a?If the Internet did not exist, would I be able to find this article in the university library?a? Newspaper or magazine articles may be used for this assignment provided they are in-depth articles on the issue, and not just commentaries or editorials. A maximum of two (2) newspaper or magazine articles are acceptable.

Please use American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines to cite sources in body of your text, and to reference your sources in the bibliography. If you need additional guidance regarding how to construct a research paper, please refer to the link, a?citing your sourcesa? on the Oviatt libraryas homepage.