Reenhouse affect as a result of deforesting

1. It must be persuasive and research-based. That means you will choose an issue or topic, and you will use your opinion and evidence (hence research-based) to persuade your audience that your take on the issue or topic is correct. For instance, if you choose to argue your paper that the healthcare bill is a prudent choice for America, you must support this with solid evidence. Or, if you think that global warming is hogwash, then you need to support this with solid evidence. Your opinion + reliable, research proof an outstanding paper.

2. You must have at least 4 sources.

3. MLA format, Times New Roman, size 12 font.

4. This paper must be 4-5 pages in length. That means 4 FULL pages. 31/2 pages does not count as 4 pages.