Reenpeace (paper about creatibity and innovation in the company)

Please make sure you strictly follow these instructions:
1.Introduction:What is creativity. 3 components of creativity(individualism expertise and teamwork, Graph of 3 circles crossing and creativity between them is needed here or later in the paper) Transfer creativity to innovation-define innovation. What is Natural capitalism and inportance of it.(for ALL theoretical concepts and definitions use the textbook of JANE HENRY) Background of the company. Greenpeace activity with Natural capitalism.

2. Strategies, new products/services-refer to creativity and innovation. Try to adapt NPD process(see textbook) to Greenpeace. They have new ship called Rainbow Warrior, focus on it referring to creativity and innovation.

3. HRM at Greenpeace and creativity. Empowerment in Greenpeace( define). Use Organisational structure chart with CEO and main people in the company. Culture at greenpeace-refer to creativity.

4.Conclusion:sum everything up. 3 Recommendations referring to creativity are needed.

Jane Henry, Creative Management and Development 3d edition is a main book of the paper. Dont use any other books please. ONLY internet resources.