Iphone/Android App Development

Please use the following website/company as reference for the below topic of instruction.

Android app which we will integrate to work with this company

Below is a brief overview of the plan. for the past five years which helps consumers, Realtors and Mortgage originators price out competitive closing costs in real time by accessing our web-based platform for individuals who are either in the market to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage. This internet company is based in the real estate sector. I was hoping to develop an iPhone App soon which can work together with my company as an expanded feature in order to increase lead volume for my end providers. Im hoping to somehow tie in emerging Geographic location based technologies within this app which will provide property specific information based on location utilizing GPS, Google Maps functionality, etc.

Please research and make the proper suggestions within the paper. Feel free to add additional content.

Thank you,
Josh Cahill