Regor Mendels ACTUAL Paper ( NOT Others opinions of it)

Write a paper that is a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 3000 words for the main text of the paper (not including the title and references). One double spaced printed page contains approximately 300 words. Your paper should review Mendels work and deal with some of the published criticisms of it. You have considerable flexibility in determning how you organize and present your paper. For example, you may wish to focus on Mendels work itself, or you may wish to focus on the criticisms of his work. You are free to choose how you organize and present it. Your paper should include at least the following elements:

1) It should be a brief synopsisof Mendels ACTUAL paper (including the monohybrid, dihybrid and trihybrid experiments in peas) so that someone who hasnt read it will know from your paper what is in it.

2) It should evaluate Mendels work in light of published criticisms of it. You should do enough library research to find at least two references that critically evaluate Mendels work, then you should evaluate the criticisms in those references.

3) It should be well written with respect to style, grammar and presentation. MLA is the style and you must use correct citation of references. The lines in the text should be double spaced and the font should be Times, Palatino or Courier either 10 to 12 point size with 1 margins.


This assignment requires you to read Mendels paper write a synopsis of it and review some published criticisms. This synopsis MUST be based on your own reading of the paper not what others have written about it. For example, if you refer to where you found these principles of segregation and independent assortment, tell where you found these principals in Mendels paper an explain how he perceived them, not how someone else perceived them. Describe all seven of his monohybrid experiments not one or two and describe the dihybrid and trihybrid experiments that he reported including traits examined in those experiments.

Your paper must be a review of your reading of Mendels paper.Use correct citation and quotation. Quotations from Mendels paper itself to illustrate the points you are making are especially good to include. The majority of your paper must be in your own words, quotations should constitute no more than 10% of the text in your paper.