Rench Lieutenants Woman comparison essay

I am required to write a five paged, double-spaced comparison essay, comparing and contrasting The French Lieutenants Woman novel with The French Lieutenants Woman movie. A particular focus of the essay should be the way in which the characters in the movie play a role within a role within a movie. Meryl Streep doubles in the role of Sara and the American actress who plays her, while Jeremy Irons essays the dual role of Charles and the handsome Briton playing Charles. Likewise, everyone else in the cast is seen as Themselvesand as their French Lieutenants Woman characters.We watched the movie in class and a big focus was on the characters and the way they are portrayed. Attached below, I have included our prompt for the comparison essay. I have also included a previous essay of mine so that there is an idea of my style of writing. Thank you very much and please contact me if there are any doubts, questions or concerns.

Added on 29.03.2015 19:23
I have attached the prompt for the essay as well as a previous assignment of mine to get an idea of my writing style.