Rench revolution and napolens accomplishment

Write a one-page,double-spaced answer for each question, for total of three pages. Whenever possible, make reference to course readings and concrete cases in making your arguments.In your answers, course readings can be cited in short form, for example: (Shermans and Salisbury, 2002, p.#)The citation of works not assigned for the course is not required. However, if you do so, you must provide full bibliographic information for these works.
1.Why do you think the French Revolution turned more radical, resulting in the establishment of a republic and leading to the Reign of Terror? How do you explain Napolens rise? Was his rise a logical consequence of revolutionary events?

2. Analyze Napolens accomplishments. Do you think they were worth the cost?

3.What forces streaming from the French Revolution and industrial revolution did conservatives try to repress or contain? To what extend do you think conservatives succeeded at the Vienna conference 1815?