Rench secularism and the ban of religious symbols in public places

The interaction between politics and identity is complicated. One of the more vexing issues facing any democracy is balancing the rights and views of the majority with the rights and views of minorities. In France, for many years there has been a very public and controversial debate about the wearing of religious symbols in public specially focused on Muslim women wearing various forms of the headscarf. The traditionally strong French commitment to secularism and (more recently) womenas rights is said to clash with the wearing of such garments. In this paper, please discuss the topic and provide your own opinion. To write a strong paper you should address the French constitutional commitments to secularism and also the potential violation of individual rights. These links will help:




It should double spaced, 12 point font. Think pieces should look like formal papers with an introduction, conclusion and well developed arguments. Also, make sure you cite any resources you use.

I am a Muslim therefore I want the essay to be against the ban of hijab as a religious symbol. I want you to mention that I am a Muslim and I am against forcing Muslim Women to remove their Hijab