Requency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FMCW)

Title: Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FMCW)

This research paper doesnat need to include a lot of equations or pictures also donat need conclusions. This paper of FMCW radar is aim for those who do not have radar knowledge/background before. Do not use I, WE, THEY, SHE, HE, be professor because this is a technical paper. The length of this paper is 5 pages, so do not overload with pictures and equations. Provide quality information: there are two source please use as reference, but do not copy and paste. Find another source as well and cited.

This is a technical research paper to describe the following:
1. Basic operating principles and theory (Please provide some basic equations (but not a lot), and also few pictures to show the basic operation of FMCW radar)
3. FMCW radar applications (list some common area where FMCW radar used)
4. Advantages of FMCW radar (list few, not all of them)
5. Disadvantage of FMCW radar (list few, not all of them)

(Start on page 9 describe what is FMCW radar) /