Requency Response of Netwroks (Electronic Engineering)

I have a lab report in Electronic Engineering I want from you to write three parts:
1.Experimental Procedure: I will attach a sample but it is not a good sample but you can use it as a guide and you should read the handout also.

2. Disccussion: I will attach my own results and follow this:
Discuss all the results you have obtained in relation to the theory and in particular any
discrepancies between theory and experiment, bearing in mind the errors and
uncertainty in any experimental work. Your discussion should be based on an analysis
of the experiment.

Your conclusions should include an evaluation of the measurement techniques used.
Discuss the significance of results you have obtained.

Please before starting read the handout cearfuly

Requency Response of Netwroks (Electronic Engineering)

This is a part of a lab report in Electronic engineering undergraduate course. The lab is about Frequency response of Networks. I need from you to write a short abstract based on the objectives which you will find it in the attached handout. Then, write a short introduction. Also, rewrite the theory in your words and proof the equations that given in the theory part. At the end add references please at least 5.