Research on why) John Quincy Adams was consider the best Secretary of State in U.S. History

A 2 page research papers expected to utilize the text book of the class, W. La Feber, The American Age: United States Foreign Policy at Home ANd Abroad 1750 to the Present, 2nd Ed. (2 volumes in 1) W.W.Norton,1994possible sources, but are not limited to, university or think thank websites (ending in .edu) research organizations websites (ending in .org) and reputable journalistic sources. These journalistics sources could include such as newspapers (the NY times, Wall St. journal, etc.) magazines(U.S. news and World Report, the economist, foreign policy, newsweek, time, etc) and broadcast news outlets in written form (websites for ABC news, fox news, cnn, msnbc, etc.) Dont use Wikipedia.