Research Paper) How Steve Jobss Smartphone Change The World? (Smartphone is such as iPad and iPhone)

I note that I barely use hard words because Im an international student.
If you put many hard words, it will be very suspicious

1. Minimum length 750 words
2. should be 5 paragraph essay format lengthy introduction which includes a thesis, body paragraph which begin with well-worded topic sentences, and a lengthy conclusion which not only summarizes but also analyzes findings of your paper.
3. 5-15 direct quotations. an intro or a conclusion should be free of quotations.
4. Needs Works Citedpage at the end. Entires will be alphabetized with relevant bibliographical information included.
5. All quotations used must be followed by a reference to the source of the quotation. These references are placed in the text inside parenthesis immediately following the quotation
6. Any paraphrased material (not quoted directly) which is not Common knowlegemust also show a reference in parenthesis
7. Narrow or streamline your topic.
8. Introduce all direct quotations. A direct quotation may not function as a sentence by itself.
9. Type and double-space your paper.
10. Turn in all research material along with your paper.