Reuds Infantile Sexuality and the contemporary world

NOTE: The chosen text that will be mentioned in the instruction below is Chapter 2 (Infantile Sexuality) of Freuds Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.

Here is the assignment instruction:

Choose the text from your reader that you find most useful and/or relevant to the experience of our own contemporary life. This importance may be the result of problem(s) or issues that the work implies or discusses, solutions it proposes, or thoughtful comments and observations that you discern.

Your work with your partner or group should occasion the generation of a topic for your own final essay. In a five-page essay (maximum), discuss the structures, ideas, or sensibilities that you found most relevant in your chosen text, and explain how recourse to these ideas would be productive in the current world.

To support your thesis, you must discuss at least three research sources. You should include a very brief discussion of your research sources: Why did you choose them ? Why are they relevant ?

Legitimate research sources include scholarly books, peer-reviewed journals, and similar. If you have recourse to dictionaries and encyclopedias, you must cite these as sources, but they do not count as research sources.

In formulating your central thesis, be specific. For example:

a?Kant is meaningful to our current worlda? is not a thesis statement. It might pass as a bare introduction to report-level expository writing a not this assignment, which requires the development and support of a strong central thesis.

This IS a thesis statement:

a?Kantas statement that a?a¦ good will is good not because of what it performs or effects a¦ but simply by virtue of the volition; that is, it is good in itself a¦a demonstrates his commitment to a moral metaphysic that could, in our own world, provide stability and consensus where this no longer exists.a?

Be specific, as well, when developing your argument. Be sure to quote directly from your text and research sources, when applicable, and be sure to discuss specific contemporary problems and/or issues.”