Reuds model of the functioning of the psyche enables us to better understand and address a range of so-called mental illnesses.

Please check that thepresentation does the following:
o FOCUS. Speaking to the issue.
o UNDERSTANDING. Demonstrating a good grasp of the positions and arguments.
o ACCURACY/PRECISION. Correct and appropriate use of key concepts, theorists and arguments. Making use of definitions as appropriate.
o COMMAND. Organisation of relevant material (not just presenting material in the order given in the texts or lectures).
o CONCISION. Tightly focussed explanation and analysis, avoiding waffle and repetition.
o ANALYSIS. Providing an explanation of the reasoning that supports a claim rather than merely describing it. Indicating where there is opposition (even if you are not going into detail about this).
o SCOPE. Being aware of the larger context within which the problem is set and being able to drill down to the detail.
o STRUCTURE. A well organised body of material developing towards a conclusion, not just a set of notes.
o RESEARCH. Demonstration that you have read and thought through some of the material beyond the primary text that bears upon your topic.
o ORIGINALITY. Evidence of having reflected upon the reasoning, examples, and the tensions within and between different positions.