Reuds Psychoanalytic Theory and Existential Psychology

New Times Roman, font 10, 1.5 space. (6) pages in Freuds Psychoanalytic Theory. The structure of personality (The id, the ego, and superego, the dynamics of personality (instinct, The distribution and Utilization of Psychic Energy,anxiety) The development of personality (identification, displacement, The defense mechanism of the Ego, stages of development (6) pages in Existential Psychology. (Being-Beyond the World (mans Possibilities)) (Ground of Existence)(World-Design)(Modes of Being in the Wold)(spatiality and temporality)and Dynamics and Development of Existence.
This essay should be written applying analytical skill to the pyschoanalytic theories and their expansion and development. Next, the behaviorist theories will be the focus, followed by the humanistic theories.