Reuds stages of psychosexual development

Answer any two (2) of the following questions.

Summarize Freuds stages of psychosexual development.

Compare and contrast the theories of Adler & Jung.

Describe Freuds id, ego and superego (including conscience and ego ideal). Explain how his approach differs from trait theory.

Define Adlers concepts of inferiority complex, family constellation, birth order and pampered child.

Please answer the questions you choose as completely as possible. Answer completely all parts of each question. Check your final draft for accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Make sure that all sentences are complete and that your paragraphs are appropriate.

Your answers should be in your own words. Do not copy or quote answers from your reading materials; paraphrase the content. When you use material from your readings, be sure to cite it properly (i.e., using footnotes or endnotes).

Your answers to each question should be in the range of 500