Rey Market (Illegal Charter Flights) in Business Aviation in the Middle East

Im working on a dissertation with the subject of Augmenting and eliminating the effect of Grey Market (Illegal Charter Flights) in Business Aviation in the Middle East”.

Actually I used your service to help in writing the proposal for this dissertation before, and Iam attaching a copy of final proposal of this dissertation.

As part of the dissertation, I need to do some research to collect data about this problem involving all stakeholders:
a? General Civil Aviation Authorities (GCAA)
a? Insurance Companies
a? Aircraft Owners
a? Law Firms
a? Pilots
a? Governing Law
a? Aircraft Financiers
a? Brokers
a? Operators
a? Airports
a? Passengers

My request: I need your help in developing a set of surveys (10 or 11 surveys) targeting all stakeholders in this subject. The aim is to collect data that will help, later on, with other collected material, in writing the final dissertation.

a? Attached are some documents that might help in developing these surveys.
a? The developed surveys can be sent be emails, or using an online survey engines.