Rey Market (Illegal Flight) in Business Aviation in the Middle East

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please develop a dissertation proposal to this subject:

Grey Market (Illegal Flight) in Business Aviation in Middle East”

This is just a proposal, but the end the intended dissertation should aid Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA)to fight the illegal flights in Middle East and reduce its effect to the minimum in this region.

A peer association to MEBAA in Europe, called European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), has developed a campaign to fight illegal flight (grey market) in Business Association.

To help you develop this proposal, Im attaching the following files:

1. EBAAPressRelease-IllegalFlightsCampaign-WithBrochures.pdf (This is a press release and other material produced by EBAA to fight Illegal Flight)
2. Grey Market (Illegal Flight) in Business Aviation in the Middle East.docx (A brain storming outline for main areas and stakeholders of this issue in Middle East.
3. Dissertation Proposal Outline.docx (The outline of the proposal as request by the university)

Main key words for this subject: Grey Market in Business Aviation, Illegal Flight in Business Aviation

Should you have any question or need more clarification, please email me back.

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