Rgonomics and human factors: Design. For the enhancement of usability, productivity and safety in workplaces

The topic is about ergonomics positive contributions to the enhancement of workplaces where improvements in usability, productivity and safety can be recognized through the implementation of ergonomics principles and techniques.

These are the instructions that were given by the professor:
*5 paragraphs (including introduction and conclusion)
*Wordcount: 1100-1200 words
* 4-6 citations
at least one e-book or book
at least one QU database entry
*Pictures and graphs allowed (max. 2); must be in accordance with APA format
*Quotations optional. Maximum of 2 only (max. 2 lines each)

**For a database:
1Go to
2Type the search term and select PQ Central (Proquest)under the Electronic Resources

If needed:
QU ID: 201104799
Password: sara1234