Rgonomics for an Aging Population Maintaining Quality of Life at Work and at Home

Dear Farrukh … ive got a new tutor and he restarted my proposal and thinks thats fine to do this topic. several things happend but i dont wanna bore you with all that. i just hope you are fine…

this is the email ive got from university. maybe you can go on with those information. later well start the dissertation i hope…

the mail was:

Hi Juerg

sorry for the delay once again. I have taken a look. it is an interesting area and one which Peter is interested in.

my initial comments:

you neeed to include more on the items in the survey. what ageing design models/information will the questionnaire items be based on? you need a framework to work too.

do you have access to participants? what are your expected response rates?
how many participants will there be?

how about an ethics submission?
what will be your analysis methods.

you see, you have an interesting idea but no specification on how to deliver the end product, i.e you have the what and why but need to focus on the how next.

i will suggest that Peter take a look at it. he may be in a better position to supervise you on this one.

will get back to you.

ok farrukh…that was the mail. do you think you can go on with that. i m on business trip from tomorrow until the 18th of june.