Rgue against a commonly held belief Being Vegetarian is a Matter of Free Will

This is a Writing to Convince or Persuadeessay.
This is the description for my assignment:
Urge your readers to reject a commonly held belief. In your essay, define the belief and make an overall claim about the effects of accepting it. Offer reasons and evidence to support your claim. Base your appeals on logic and on principles, values, and beliefs.
In addition, consider how opposing positions affect your argument, and make sure that your reasoning is sound.

Identify and consider opposing claims.
Ensure the integrity of your argument.
Make an argumentative claim.
Make a debatable, plausible, and clear thesis statement.
Appeal to your readers.
Adress counterarguments.
Concede valid claims.
Refute widely held claims.
Ignore competing claims.”

This essay has to have an annotated bibliography for all 5 primary and secondary sources.

The commonly held belief I chose to argue with is that being vegetarian (or semi-vegetarian) is a matter of free will. After reading this essay I want my readers to be convinced that not being vegetarian or semi-vegetarian is unacceptable! I want them to realize that someone who is vegetarian not only significantly helps animal welfare, but also saves himself from the detrimental effect non-vegetarian food has on the mind and spiritual development of a human being.
A possible argument could be that human life and animal life are so entwined that to kill an animal is virtually the same as killing a fellow human. As evidence there could be the teachings of everlasting religions.

Thank You so very much!
I am really looking forward to your response!