Rgue for a thesis by drawing out the similarities and differences between (1) Augustineas Confessions and (2) Eastmanas works.

a?Generate a thesis.
a?Support the thesis using comparison and contrast between two sources.
a?Effectively employ Strunk and White usage, composition, and style rules, but especially composition rules 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17.
a?A thesis must be specific enough and interesting enough to argue for or against. A thesis is a complete sentence that makes a claim that you will defend.
You need to ground your thesis in the content of the books; the thesis should be about what they wrote not descriptions of who they are.
a?750-1000 words (that is 3-4 pages), printed double-spaced, with reasonable margins (1 in.), no additional spacing between paragraphs, no extra pictorial embellishments, 12 pt Times Roman font.