Rgue for Euthanasia from a Liberal Arts perspective Applied Ethics/Philosophy

1st page: Title page, MLA format
2nd Page: Abstract page
part 1: Explain where you did research, I used the Marywood library, and University of scrantons library
part 2: 5-6 sentences on what I plan on doing in the paper, meaning he needs to understand that im arguing for euthanasia and physicians assisted suicide from the Liberal rights perspective

Page 3 is the Outline
Part 1 Thesis Sentence, can be 2-3 sentences in length

Part 1 of the paper:
Extended definition of the issue, relate it to the Liberal Rights point of view, give at least 3 reasons as to why the thesis stated is right.

Part 2 of the paper:
Process Analysis in 3 or 4 paragraphs explain the history of the issue

Part 3 is the body of the Paper
Support the issue, give an example of each of the reasons that were used to prove why the thesis was right.

Part 4 is the body (Contradiction)
AProcess-Explain opposiing views

Part 5 is the Conclusion Formal Conclusion
Tries to solve any problem the thesis presented

last part is the works cited page, again in MLA format

If quotes are used, or whole statements from resources he wants them cited in the text, or with the superscripts, and presented at the bottom of the page, and the Body itself has to be 10 pages, the Title Page, Abstract page, and outline do not count towards that total, and those pages need to be subsequently numbered i,ii,iii, Since the Title Page and Outline are included, I added only the Abstract page as the 11th page, so again its

iTitle Page
iiAbstract Page

I-X Body

and Final page is the Conclusion

Thank you
For the title page, the teacher is Mr Returra, and the class is PHL 125 ABApplied Ethics

Thank you