Rgue for or against a concept of McLuhanas definition of hot media using Beer/Gane and Harraway.

There are two chapters attached McLuhan and Beer/Gane. The analysis should be done based on these two chapters.

Assignment should be double spaced, one inch margins,
Doing a bibliography
A list of all the references used should be included at the end in your bibliography in
alphabetical order.
1. References appear in the body of the text as follows:
a?The earliest professional accountancy bodies have their roots in late nineteenth century
Britain and this model of professionalisation has been replicated, with a?mutationsa? (Chua and
Poullaos, 1998), in many other countries at various times.a?
2. At the end of the text you will have a bibliography. In the bibliography, book
references should be cited as follows:
Gray,R.H., Owen, D. and Maunders, K. (2010). Corporate Social Reporting. London:
Prentice Hall.
And journal references should be cited in the bibliography as follows:
Demski, J. (1988). Positive Accounting Theory: A review. Accounting, Organisations
and Society,13 (6), 623-629.