Rgue one side of free will from a philosophical view.

INSTRUCTIONS: You are to write a philosophical essay that is developed as an argumentative essay. Your task is to develop an argument that is as close to a sound argument as possible: this includes utilizing true premises that, to the best of your ability, guarantee a proceeding conclusion. A thesis statement is required.

TOPIC: Another age-old question in philosophy is the problem of free will. Do people act under their own volition, or do outside forces control their every action? There are several ways to approach this question. You could argue from a religious perspective and claim that there is a higher spiritual power controlling peoples lives. You could take a very different perspective, and argue that the laws of physics are ultimately what restricts peoples actions. You could even argue that people do have complete control over themselves and their entire reality. As with most philosophical questions, the topic of free will endures because there are so many possible answers.