Rguementative Dialogue for Food Systems

This is a business ethics class. I need an ARGUMENTATIVE DIALOGUE between two people. The topic should concentrate on organic food system and how it is healthier/better. Please use online sources and label who says what (person A or B). I will send you an example below: this is EXACTLY how it should look like, just different topics. I will capitalize the main keywords and put in parenthesis, those CAN NOT be taken out because it is what the class is based on. You must use those in the dialogue as well. Thanks

Argumentative Dialogue on Entertainment System

Huy: Alex, the movie last night was awesome. It gives such a realistic feeling because of the realistic graphics and the intense story line. I believe that it is these violence and sexual scenes that attract many consumers to use their services and thus generate revenue and profits to entertainment industry.

Alex: Frankly, I think that it is quite an inappropriate movie to be shown in the cinema especially when there are many underage kids in the theatre too. Have you noticed that today many movies and entertainment system show many inappropriate scenes which promote sexual promiscuity, language profanity, violence, and excessive alcohol and drugs consumption. I think the movie should not contain inappropriate scenes that promote these negative examples to the young teenagers.

Huy. I have to disagree with you though. I think that without these scenes, businesses in the entertainment system would have no ways of attracting consumers to use their services. Imagine this, if movie industries decide to exclude and censor all these scenes, would any costumers or even you come to the cinema? It is believed that the film industries exploit those contents in order to attract more costumers into watching the movies. This is one of the only means that they can make profits.

Alex. That is also true. But I see news on the television and internet where teenagers imitate those negative behaviors and actually harm other people in society. Researches have shown that American teenagers spend more than 45 hours per week exposed to media that promote violence and sexual activities. In the news in 2007, a Chinese gamer who was in possession of armed weapon, murder his friends because he lost a battle in the video games.

Huy. Then what do you propose to do?

Alex. My PROPOSAL is that the film industry should restrict the inappropriate contents of the movies to the underage students by censoring these contents (PROPOSAL 1). The film industry should even permanently exclude those inappropriate scenes in public media.

Huy. Do you realize that your proposal is very strong because it will put the entire film businesses into jeopardy. Why do you propose such a strong action?

Alex. Well, according to my observation, many teenagers have been exposed to these negative media, which results in negative behaviors such as sexual promiscuity, language profanity, violence and alcohol consumption. Therefore, my observation is that the movie should restrict these inappropriate contents because these explicit contents from the movies can have a tremendous effect on the young minds of teenagers and thus would promote negative behaviors (OBSERVATION 1). In order to prevent these children from doing so, strict actions should be taken at all cost.

Huy.But I donat see any problems with that because one day when these children grow up, they will have to experience them anyway

Alex. I doubt it. Look at our society right now. Today, there have been so many crimes such as sexual harassment, murder cases and drug deals caused by young men and women. Donat you think that these movies are partially responsible for such problems?

Huy. But May be these problems do not arise from the fact that these children are exposed to these movies. These problems might come from family issues, poverty and community

Alex. Then how would you explain the growing numbers of teenage pregnancies and thus the numbers of abortion being done. (STATS). I think by restricting these inappropriate contents will protect these young ones from dangers and thus create a healthy and secured enivornement for everyone else.

Huy. Oh I see. Now I understand your point. Then what do you think is your value judgment?

Alex. My value judgment is that teenagers avoid being brainwashed by negative materials should live healthy livesa lives with no violence behaviors, and consumption of harmful substances to the body (VALUE JUDGEMENT).

Huy. I think I agree with your point. But if you take into account the perspective of the film industries and businesses, your proposal to completely eliminate and restrict inappropriate contents seems to be very extreme and thus can lead to major bankruptcy for companies as they will not be able to attract consumers.

Alex. So what proposal do you have mind regarding this issue?

Huy. I am proposing that film companies should not restrict or eliminate any contents and allow freedom of expression (PROPOSAL 2).

Alex. What makes you think so? Donat tell me that you think having these children exposed to inappropriate contents are is a good idea

Huy. No, of course not. Like I mentioned earlier, I want to take a look at this problem in the point of view of the corporation. Therefore, my observation is that corporations should not restrict or eliminate any contents and allow freedom of expression because the allowance of these contents to be shown in movies are their only means to maintain and maximize profit (OBSERVATION 2). It is the ultimate goal for all companies including filming companies to always aim for highest profits possible. By restricting these contents will eventually lead to the loss of costumers and hence prevent them from maximizing their profits, they will not be able to reach their goals. I have another observation though.

Alex. Wow you have many observations. What are your other ones?

Huy. Well, my OBSERVATION shows me that violent behavior does not arise from the fact that these people are exposed to violent media only. These can be due to several factors such as psychological problems, lack of family or parental love, and mental problems. Take the mass murder in Virginia Institute of Technology in 2007 for example. The media reveals that the Korean student who murdered over 30 students had psychological problem which occurs through stress. My other observation is that everyone has equal rights to choose their methods of entertainment including the movies they watch (OBSERVATION 2).

Alex. What about the points that I mentioned earlier about the influences of these movies on underage children? How would you explain it? What is your VALUE JUDGEMENT?

Huy. Well for my value judgment, I think that in society, everyone should receive equal rights to do whatever they want (VALUE JUDGEMENT). This includes receiving equal amount of goods and services (in this context, entertainment) if they pay the same price regardless of how old they are or what jobs they do or how rich they are. They will be no discrimination of age or sex in the entertainment system.

Alex. I see. So you are basically promoting peopleas right and freedom expression. So in order for me to agree with you, I have to assume that people must have freedom of expression to do whatever they desire and that there is other factors lead to violence and sexual misbehavior of the teens other than media (ASSUMPTION 1).

Huy. Yes you are totally right. So I also have to assume that violent and behavioral misconduct of the teens are the impacts from exposing too much of violent and sexual contents in the media (ASSUMPTION 2).Now that we have stated our opinion and arguments, I believe that we should find a solution to our disagreement. So what do you think should the proposal be for our solution regarding this problem?

Alex. Well first, we have to define our purpose. What is the purpose of the corporation in the entertainment system?

Huy. Well as I mentioned earlier, the purpose for the corporation